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Stephanie Perryman


Stephanie Perryman

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Stephanie Perryman


What are people saying about Steph!

"I highly recommend Stephanie and her services! I've been working out for 8 years and if it wasn't for Steph, I feel like I would be a vegetable right now. She takes her time to listen, understand and really guides you through her process. She is kind and caring and it shows through her treatments. If anyone is looking for a new massage therapist, stop. Stephanie is here to help!"

- Bethany S


"Stephanie is such an amazing, attentive, caring massage therapist and individual. She really cares about each of her clients health and well being and puts in so much extra time and effort into creating a tailored treatment plan for your needs/injuries. It’s truly impressive how much she clearly loves what she does and is always going above and beyond to provide the best care to her clients!"

- Christina F


"Steph has treated my whole family for this year and we are so happy with her. Not only do we notice a huge difference walking away from each massage but she spends so much time researching and trying to find new ways to help each of us feel better and heal. Thank you Steph!"

- Meagan D


"Steph is amazing! Takes time before the service to address your problem areas and concerns, then works thoroughly to make sure you feel your best. Within one session I already felt a huge difference in my lower back and shoulders!"

- Jessi B


"After 3 sessions, I’ve already noticed an improvement in my mobility, my sleep, and overall mood. Steph is focused on getting to the root of the problem with each session and treating it, not just providing a band-aid solution."

- Hailey R


"Highly recommend Steph! She friendly, professional and her treatments are on point. My kids also love seeing her for a massage."

- Amanda S

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Our Clinic


Mindful Therapeutics was founded on the principle of holistic healing through various methods, both traditional and advanced. Our mission is to cure pain naturally while educating patients on the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Mindful Therapeutics' main location is with our partnership business Flourish, located in the beautiful Cochrane Alberta. We believe in community and supporting practitioners who align with mindful treatments. 


Flourish - Mindful Therapeutics

201-1 Bow Ridge Road Cochrane AB. 





Our intake process includes a comprehensive patient review, designed to understand your unique health patterns and specific needs. Whether you’re experiencing chronic pain or temporary discomfort, our specialists will create a treatment plan tailor-made for you. Book your appointment today.

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1 Bow Ridge Road #201, Cochrane, AB, Canada

call: 403-907-0464

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Tuesday: 11-4

Wednesday: 2-7

Thursday: 12-5

Saturday: 10-3

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