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Mobile Booking

Thank you for considering our mobile massage services. 

To book a convenient mobile massage session, please take a moment to fill out the request form below or click the button below to book now!


Our skilled therapist will tailor the experience to your preferences, bringing relaxation and relief to your preferred location. We look forward to providing you with a personalized and blissful mobile massage experience.

Benefits of Mobile Massage:

1. I come to you! I bring everything I need to ensure you have the best and most effective treatment. 

2. I can treat more than one person per household. Everyone can be treated while I am there!

3. I offer morning, afternoon and evening appointments. Mobile massage is filled during my free time away from the clinic. Availability changes and is not the same each week. 

4. I give homecare to ensure the treatment is most effective and you get the most of the massage. Homecare may look like stretches, strengthening exercises and/or breathing techniques. 

5. During your first appointment, I do a thorough assessment to create the best treatment plan for you specifically. Assessments are as comprehensive a you feel comfortable with to reach your goals.

Thanks for submitting!

Mobile Massage Request Form

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