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As part of our service, we want you to be in the know regarding everything we do here at Mindful Therapeutics. That is precisely why we’ve compiled answers and advice from our experts to address all of your common inquiries. Scroll below to learn more.

What is better, lots of 60 minutes massages or fewer 90 minute massages?

This is personal preference and depends on your outcome goals. I am happy to answer this on an individual client basis. 

Where do I book to see you in Cochrane?

I'd love to see you! Click " Book In- Clinic Here" for my services in Cochrane. 

Where do I book for mobile massage in Calgary?

Mobile massage is a wonderful service where I come to you! Click the button below to book online! All bookings require a referral, however, accommodations are accepted on a case basis.

Do you direct bill?

We currently do not provide direct billing. After your service, you are provided a detailed service receipt that meets all insurance information standards to submit. 

How should I prepare for a massage?

Please fill out the intake form emailed to you prior to your appointment. Other than that, come prepared to relax!

What will happen during my first massage?

Included with your booked service I complete a full assessment. This includes evaluating range of motion, history questions, specific pain questions, what your day-to-day looks like and more. This usually takes about 15 minutes but gives me everything I need to create a custom treatment plan.

Is massage only for relaxation?

Massage is so much more than relaxing! It helps lower blood pressure, reduce headaches, promote good sleep, and overall wellbeing.


Massage can treat these conditions:

Chronic pain

Nerve impingement


Frozen shoulder

Hyperkyphosis (hunch back)


How will massage benefit me?

Through massage you can experience relief in muscle tension, headches and migraines, joint immobilization, chronic conditions such as frozen shoulder, overuse muscles and postural dysfunction. You may also experience increased range of motion, reduction of mental stress, and overall wellness. Each treatment is tailored for your specific needs.

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